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Driving leads and sales to your website is hard. With a million and one options available for customers to purchase from, how do you get them to pick your site. Either their looking and ratings and reviews or just looking at different sites trying to make an educated choice. This means that getting these potential customers to buy from you is almost like rolling dice. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With OSI Affiliate Software, all your customers become your most loyal brand advocates, promoting your business for a worthwhile incentive. You’ll save valuable time and convert the right customers at scale.

Let your most loyal customers and
brand advocates work for you

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On Board Your Affiliate and Brand Advocates within Minutes Using Built in Sign up Form

Your advocates can get started promoting your brand within minutes after they sign up using the customizable sign up page. This user friendly form allows you to put your brand promotion on auto-pilot.

Allow Advocates to Promote Using
Promo Codes

By enabling our promo code tracking feature you can allow affiliates to promote by giving out discount codes. OSI Affiliate will keep track of the use of the codes and calculate commissions earned for each use.

FREE Promotional Tools to Help you Promote Your Programs

All OSI Affiliate plans include access to FREE tools that will help you promote your program. These tools include listing in a affiliate / influencer program directory and much more.

Find your most loyal customers by using a one question survey

You can easily find your most loyal and satisfied customers by using an optional bonus survey tool to find out who will be most likely to refer others.
Upon completion of the survey, those customers that rate their experience highly, can automatically be enrolled into your referral program. All other customers can be prompted to leave more detailed feedback.

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Referral Marketing Software that Turns Customers Into Brand Advocates

Auto Signup

Use our referral partner auto signup feature to turn customers into affiliates. Every new customer that purchases from your store can now be turned into a brand advocate.

Smart Rewards

Rewarding advocates is so easy. Reward advocates using commissions, coupons, discounts, gift cards, or any other method you and your affiliates agree on.

Popups & Forms

Engage and convert your website visitors using our exit intent and timed popups. Our popups will build your email list, increase conversions and decrease bounce rates.

Partnership Automation

Our software makes it easy for your business to develop partnerships. Partners can promote your business to their audience and this will increase your sales.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Give customers an incentive for purchasing through your partners by giving them coupon or discount codes to use at checkout.


Upload banners or any other creative graphics that your affiliates can use on their own sites or blog.

Detailed Reports

View statistics on sales, clicks, impressions and more through our advanced reporting section.

Social Media Sharing

Every plan includes full integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allowing your referral partners to easily share their link across multiple social networks.

Email Templates

Provide unlimited pre-written email templates that your referral partners can use to send out to their friends and family.

All plans include done for you referral landing page templates to maximize the performance of your referral program and drive sales.

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