Easily Sign up All Your Customers for Your Affiliate Program by Emailing Them a Direct Enrollment Link

Get all your customers and everyone in your mailing list to quickly and easily sign up for your affiliate program with one click. Meet with our customer success team to get this feature enabled for your account today.

Enrolling Your Customers into your Referral Program is easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Getting your customers to sign up and start promoting your business can be done by following the 3 easy steps shown below

STEP 1: Import your customer List

Once you import your customer list into our sign up link generator, you will get returned a custom list that provides each customer with their own unique sign up activation link.

STEP 2: Upload new list into your email mailing list software

Using the mail merge feature of any email mailing list tool such as Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Mailchimp or any Email system like that, you can easily send the custom account activation link to everyone in your list.

STEP 3: All your customers sign up by clicking link and setting password

Everyone in your mailing list simply clicks on their unique sign up link, sets a password and can then login to their affiliate dashboard to start promoting right away.

Work with our professional customer success team to get the easy sign up feature enabled for your account today.

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